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Amiga x86
Seller: Extreme Computing
Status: Commercial
Announced: January 2nd, 2003

The launch of the Amigax86 web site attracted a small amount of attention in the Amiga scene. For two weeks the web site suggested that something was happening, with a planned January 2nd launch date. This created some speculation that a new Amiga x86 solution would be launched. However, the news that the product would have been a distribution of the Umilator emulator came as a disappointment, resulting in the usual wave of anti-Haage & Partner & Harald Frank* abuse.

The Amigax86 distribution would combine the unreleased Umilator emulator with a fully licensed copy of the AmigaOS 3.9, ImageFX 3.x, and several other 3rd party applications and games. A plethora of Amiga utilities were also promised, including an AmigaDVD player.

Sadly, as a result of objections by Haage & Partner and several unknown factors, Umilator was never launched.

View copy of the original Amigax86 web page

* Haage & Partner & Harald Frank have been held responsible for the cancellation of Bernie Meyer's Umilator emulator. On several occasions they have threatened legal action if Mr. Meyer sought to market his follow-up to Amithlon, suggesting they own all rights to the product. They have been unable to prove the validity of their claim and have repeatedly attempted to disrupt communication by creating flame wars on the official Amithlon mailing list.


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